High Speed Blower

High Speed Blower
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Inflatable Inflator is specially Made for water ball Inflation. It takes minimum time to fill the Water Ball to the full capacity. While filling the water ball please make one thing sure that the portion that touches the ground should not be less than 3 feets when full & never fill the Water Ball more than the required air, if so it could burst. This Blower has 3x speed than a standard blower, Means it fill the same ball in 1/3 time. This blower is highly recommended for commercial use. It allows you to fill in the ball within 15-20 seconds. This blower will give you years upon years of reliable service.
- 2 HP Ultra High Output 110V, 60HZ
- Single speed - AMP 8.1, pressure 10"
- Packing size 17.5"x 15"x17.5"
- NEW butterfly switch style - NEW "AFAD" air flow adjustable device for maximum performance.

High Speed Blower


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