Twister Bull

Twister Bull
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Twister Bull Details

Twister Bull Model is most popular model among all Mechanical bulls due to its colors and rectangular shape. Normally more of our Mechanical bulls comes in round square or oval shapes. The very first thing you notice is the new, Cowboy theme inflatable bed. We have developed the original Cowboy theme by adding and inflatable fence into the area and keeping it bright. The main added feature is our new ‘ Scoreboard’ which shows the current time of rider and the best time of the day to your audience.The ' Scoreboard is sold separately and it is not part of standard equipment. As well as using the super scoreboard with the bull you have the option to use it as a giant scoreboard for other equipment or events.

All our Rodeo Bull systems come complete with everything you require to start operating immediately. Safety is first, so the Twister Mechanical Bull is fitted with our unique Stop System as standard. As soon as the rider falls, the bull can be stopped with a click of a button instantly. Once again Jumpking International leading the way in safety innovation in Rodeo Mechanical Bull Rides !

The Twister Mechanical Bull control console is housed in a console which looks like an old wooden crate to complete the theme.

Operating dimensions of your Mechanical Bull

Inflatable Bed Dimentions Shipping Dimetions
16’ bed 18’x18’ x 10’ high 1 pallet 180cm x 100cm x 80cm x 80kgs
4.8m Bed 5.4m x 5.4m x 3m high 1 pallet 120cm x 100cm x 135cm x 260kgs


Worried about transporting & Installation of your mechanical bull?

Don,t ever worry until you are with us. We will provide transportation at very low price with soft handling and installation at your doorstep.

How do you have to pay ?

We have already supplied our Mechanical Rodeo bulls to hundred of locations all over INDIA. We can give you reference for a nearest installation to you. So that you can physically see our bull running. As soon as you confirm the order to us, you just have to pay 10% amount of the total as a token money, rest you can pay at the time of delivery.

Jumpking International reserves the right to make changes at any time, without prior notice, to any of our products. All above specifications can be changed without prior notice, due of continuous updation in our Mechanical Bull it is impossible to update specification here on website.